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Cost of Project: $22 million

Survey Lead: Johnny Rinehart, LSIT

Survey: Terry Connors, PLS This 17-acre government complex includes a 60,000 square foot Public Works and Administration Building complete police facilities

Description: Santina & Thompson as consultant and Johnny Rinehart Chief-of-Party, Boundary Survey and Aerial topographic Survey of the new proposed City Hall and Parking Lots. This included filing of a record of survey. After completion of design of building & parking lot by the Architect, layout of the new building and improvement for grading, and underground unities, and curb, building foundation & grid lines.

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St. Stephens Trail http://apexce.net/st-stephens-trail/ http://apexce.net/st-stephens-trail/#comments Tue, 19 Jun 2012 20:13:08 +0000 creatability http://apex.cre8s4u.net/?p=88 Project: St. Stephens Trail (ISTEA, Measure C, TDA), cc $850,000

Client Ref: City of Orinda, Beth Thayer

Location: Orinda, CA

Survey Lead: Johnny Rinehart, LSIT / Chief-of-Party


Description: Santina & Thompson as Prime consultant, Johnny Rinehart as survey manager provided survey and design PS&E for one-mile pathway along Hwy 24 with Caltrans interaction and coordination. Survey and preliminary engineering phase through final design. S&T provided a wide range of services to the City of Orinda, including survey, preparation of plans, specifications, estimates, agreements (to Caltrans standards), permits, and coordination with utility districts, Caltrans, bicyclist groups, the State Architects Office, and the local transportation authority. All designs were prepared in compliance with ADA and Chapter 1000 of the Caltrans Highway Design Manual. The project involved significant design challenges to comply with ADA requirements along and through the hills of Orinda. This state/federally funded trail (ISTEA, Measure C and TDA) required formal Caltrans coordination, review and approval.


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Los Vaqueros Reservoir http://apexce.net/los-vaqueros-reservoir/ http://apexce.net/los-vaqueros-reservoir/#comments Tue, 19 Jun 2012 20:12:49 +0000 creatability http://apex.cre8s4u.net/?p=86

Project: Los Vaqueros Reservoir, Contra Costa Water District

Date of Project: 1999-2000

Contact Person: Michael Warner

Survey Lead: John Rinehart, LIST


Description: His task was to survey approximately 8 miles of reservoir boundary and set 6-inch diameter by 30-inch long concrete monuments at all boundary corners.  A Record of Survey was then filed covering the area of survey.

Additional tasks included running 200 ft. minimum line points between boundary corners for fencing, writing of a legal description and preparation of plats for wetland mitigation areas.

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Mission Bay Development http://apexce.net/mission-bay-development/ http://apexce.net/mission-bay-development/#comments Tue, 19 Jun 2012 20:11:47 +0000 creatability http://apex.cre8s4u.net/?p=83 Project: Mission Bay Development

Date of Project: 1999-March 2003

Client Ref: David Knadle, Associate Vice President Catellus Urban Development Corporation (415) 355-6633

Location: San Francisco, CA

Survey Lead: John Rinehart, PLS / Chief-of-Party

Field Surveyor: John Rinehart, PLS


Description: Johnny Rinehart served as a team member for Catellus Development Corporation’s 300 acre mixed use Mission Bay project south of China Basin in San Francisco.

The project, which includes a 43-acre UCSF research campus, 5 million square feet of research, office, and manufacturing space, a 500-room hotel, 730,000 square feet of entertainment and retail space, 6,000 residential units and 49 acres of open space, represents San Francisco’s single largest development project with an estimated build-out of $3.4 billion.

Surveying services performed on the project have included conducting an aerial topographic survey of the entire site, conducting an Alta survey of site for the title company and preparing legal descriptions and plats

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